Thyroid Cancer

When I was pregnant with Noelie I had the worse case of congestion. I would wake up in the middle of the night choking on phlegm that was in my throat. I went in several times and the doctors told me it was allergies. They sent me to the store with a list of things to try. I tried everything on the list. None of it helped. I was pretty persistent that it was not allergies.

Finally they sent me to ENT (ear, nose, and throat) dept. They said I was one of the lucky ones that just got a stuffy nose. 1 in 20 odds. (that proved to be true with my second pregnancy, although not as bad) While I was there the doctor looked at my thyroid. He thought it looked big and wanted a biopsy done.

Ok so I am 33 weeks pregnant and they wanted me to lay flat on a table while they stuck several (5) needles into my throat! Good luck with that. Oh and did I mention that I HATE needles when they are being poked into me. Yep that's right, I fainted when I was 10 while getting my ears pierced! I also should have strongly objected when they said they wanted to do it in the doctors office with site sedation. Lets just say it did not go well and hurt really bad. I almost fainted! I told them I was hot, they gave me one ice pack. Are you kidding me?

I got the results the next day and...they didn't get good enough samples!!!! WHAT??? I had to go back in and have it done all over again! I was not happy. This time they did it in a different department so the table could be positioned to make me more comfortable. They could see better too. Oh and this time they had 2 doctors, 2 nurses, an ultrasound tech, about 10 packs of ice, and an o2 mask...just in case.

I got the test results on the same day that I turned 34 weeks. I had cancer.......nothing could be done until baby was out. I remember that day. That moment. It was just a phone call. We were in with a social worker trying to get our unborn son on disability (SSI). Trying to get all the paperwork in line so when he came out we could get the ball rolling ASAP. I have never cried so much. How did this happen? How long has cancer been growing inside of me?

That whole week I had high blood pressure and was monitoring it. I went in to my OB appointment at 35 weeks. After work with the anticipation of a regular check up and going home. My blood pressure was not going down, even after lying down for several minutes. My doc said I was going to be admitted to the hospital over night for observation. Oh crap. Call my husband. Call my parents. Call my work. Call all my people. I am not going home.

Over night my blood pressure evened out but babies heartbeat dropped. I really don't know how I evened out because there was a woman giving birth down the hall and she was screaming profanities all night. Not very good for a girl trying to stay calm. Anyway, they said babies heartbeat dropping was a sign of distress and he needed to come out. (We had a whole team of doctors lined up for a c-section at 37 weeks, and 2 priests so they could baptize him right away. None of our team, or the priests, could make it. We had the same kind of doctors, just not the ones we met already.)

They didn't tell me anything till about 9am. by then I sent my hubby home to milk the cows. I sent my dad to the EauClaire air show. My mom was at work. I really thought I was going home, so I felt bad when I had them all called back and told them I was going to have this baby right now.

I had about 15 people in the room with me between all the doctors, nurses, me, my hubby, and a high school student that was job shadowing that day. It was crazy. They pulled him out and whisked him away before I could even see him. They wanted to check his vitals and baptize him right away. I didn't see him till several hours later.

Anyway, back to the cancer that was still inside of me. Now that the baby was out we could talk about a plan of treatment for me. Noelie was born July 26th. I had surgery to remove my thyroid in August. I would get the final treatment (2 radioactive iodine pills) in November when my milk ducts were completely dry (otherwise the iodine would go there instead of in to my throat).

A different "little blue pill"

Not very pretty, but this is in the hospital.

At home after surgery

 I thank God everyday for my rare little man. If I was not pregnant, I wouldn't have gotten the stuffy nose and insisted that is was not allergies. If I didn't have the biopsies I wouldn't have had high blood pressure. If I didn't have high blood pressure I would not have been admitted for observation. If I wasn't admitted they would never have known about the distress our baby was in. He wouldn't have come out 5 weeks early. My treatment would have been prolonged. The cancer could have spread farther. Our baby boy literally saved my life. Now I am on a mission to help him with his life, to make it the best it can be. We are ALWAYS, EXACTLY where we should be, when we need to be there. God is so good!  


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