Helpful tips and tricks

This is the page were anything that I have come up with, or found to be helpful, is located! Just click on the link and it will send you to the blog post that talks about or gives instructions.

Medication container 
If you have medications that you use every day (or several times a day), this is a cute way to hide them

Packing for 1 night
We went on a date for 1 night. This is what we packed.

Packing for a weekend away
The whole family took a weekend trip to a lake. This is what we took with.

Homemade baby wipes
Save your money and make your own wipes.

A binder to help save your sanity
This has helped us keep track of everything and we take it with to every doctor visit

IV pole alternative
Our IV was looking pretty rough and I wanted to free up some floor space

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