Sunday, June 19, 2016

Our Make A Wish wish

We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.
We certainly feel like our son's life will be enriched with hope, strength, and joy with his wish!
Our son LOVES to bump around in his wheelchair on the grass or gravel. He also loves to travel. He laughs at every bump in the road and thinks that no one should ever fix those bumps! 
So, what could be better then a camper? Umm... nothing! 
When we got asked, by one of his doctors, if we had ever thought about asking for a wish from Make A Wish Foundation, we said no. But he thought that we would qualify for one because what he has will ultimately end his life early. So we applied. And he qualified, and was medically cleared for a camper!
After looking at a couple different sizes and styles we chose one that will fit our whole family and one nurse to help care for our son. And we ALL love it! 
Our whole crew and staff at Willy's RV

We went to pick it up a few days ago and have been busy getting it set up for Noelie and trying to figure out the best spot for all of his equipment.  It is very roomy and has plenty of storage for almost everything. His special bed, food pump,  O2 concentrator, Bi-pap, food, medicine, his wheelchair, vest treatment...everything. We can travel away from home and he will still have everything he needs to continue having the quality of life that he has now, and deserves. 
This has given us a real sense of freedom. To be able to go, and do, and see what other families get to even though Noelie has so much stuff. Flying with everything would take a lot of planning and we still wouldn't know how he would be able to handle it. With this camper we will just drive where ever we want to go instead. 


Willie's RV staff were so nice and easy to work with too. They walked us through everything we needed to know and answered all of our questions. When we were all done and ready to go, all of the staff came out for a picture by the camper.
I think Noelie really likes it...
The boys enjoying the camper

Then, if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, Papa made and delivered a new sandbox. We have outside cats, so I wanted one that closed up. I saw this one and thought it was perfect. Apparently the kids think so too... 

Our new sandbox

It was a great day and now we are spending a lot more time outside. It is days like these that make our unpredictable, crazy life all worth it.

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