Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hospital stays SUCK! and 5 ways we avoided them

March 3rd
This date might not mean anything to you, but it is a REALLY big deal to our family!
This day marks the 1 year anniversary of our sons last hospital stay! 

A whole year without a single hospital stay is such a huge step in the right direction. He has gotten sick a few times in the last year. He has had a few seizures. He has had a few sleep studies (but we are not counting those as hospital stays). Even with all of that stuff he has not needed to be admitted into the hospital.

The first 6 months of his life we were in the hospital more than we were out. Every year since his birth we have been admitted at least one time for one reason or another. Sometimes a seizure; sometimes an illness, but it was always something.

I would like to say that his success is all because of our AWESOME parenting and ability to see changes in him and make adjustments to his routine to prevent anything from progressing too far, but I can't.
His success is due to a few things...
  1.  He is getting bigger/older and his body is stronger  
  2. We have gotten better at seeing symptoms and adjusting to his needs
  3. We have nurses whose job is to monitor him and provide treatment
  4. God didn't think we needed to be there (I usually see other peoples needs and help them in one way or another, even if it is just noticing that they are crying and offer a hug)
  5.  We have become really sheltered from the rest of the world because of the younger kids and weather.
No hospital stays = More time to learn other things

As a parent of a medically complex child, I am so proud.
My heart sings.
I know that everything can change in an instant but this last year has proven that we can make it through almost anything...and we don't necessarily need a doctor watching him over night!
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