Thursday, February 18, 2016

I dream of a day when ALL children can talk!

I wonder...
What is he thinking?
What would he say, if he could talk? 
Will I ever hear more than just sounds or laughter?
Will I ever hear a word?...a sentence?

 When he laughs, is he remembering something fun we did that day? Or are his angels talking to him?
When he stares off into space, is he deep in thought about how to solve the worlds' problems? Or is he just wishing he had a different toy to play with?

Does he even know that the world has problems? Or is our family his world?

Does he understand EVERYTHING that we say? Or just smile when we tell him "I love you" because that is how he says "I love you too"?

Does he have a favorite color? Does he get scared when he can't see us? Do he get irritated by the rest of us? What does he think about the life that we have built for him? Is he thankful?

Does he wish that he had more control of his own body? Does he dream of running?

When I look at him I think my heart might just burst from all of the love that I have for him! Does he feel that way too, when he looks at me?

He may never tell me any of these things, and I am OK with that. But sometimes, I just wonder...

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  1. I must say that you are a strong Mother who is facing the disability of your child. Life has ups and downs, may be life is challenging you, all you do is to face the challenge with boldness and courage. And i wish one day all your sorrows turns into happiness.