Thursday, December 31, 2015

The time is NOW! Join #Projectthankful today


I hope you all have recovered from the holidays. It seems like they go so fast and everyone is so busy. As soon as Halloween hits we are going non-stop with "stuff". Please tell me that I am not alone in this!
This is going to be a challenge. This may seem easy at first. Prepare yourself for days when it won't be. I encourage you stick with it, even in the hard days. Find one thing, everyday, to be thankful for.
I want to start it off with one thing I am thankful for... (FYI, I use a lot of pictures to tell my story)



These 2 guys right here, but mainly the one with glasses and the hat on. This is my husband. We were friends in high school and started dating after we both graduated and I was coming out of a very bad, 9 year, relationship. So many things along the way were saying that we were meant to be together, but we refused to see it. After just a few months of dating we were engaged and a few months after that, we were married. 
We have been through so much in our 12 years of marriage. He drives me crazy, but what best friend doesn't get on your nerves once in awhile? He is a great dad, and he works hard to support our family. He bears a heavy weight being the sole income provider and worries about everything. I am thankful for this.

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  1. This is so cute! HE is so cute!! May God make your journey as parents easy and also his as he grows up! Today I am thankful for parents and everything they do for their kids!