Monday, November 16, 2015

What's the big deal about Starbucks red cup?

Normally I don't have the time or energy to post anything about what is going on in the news but this really bothered me.


OK people, look it's a cup! I am a Christian and I love God. I hope I am living a life that glorifies Him, but this is a cup...
I am not offended that they stopped putting snowflakes or trees or whatever else on this cup. I don't care what they have on the cups, and neither should you.
If you can afford one of these cups, consider yourself privileged. Some don't have enough money to buy a can of corn.
I personally chose to never buy from Starbucks anyway! Did you know that they contribute money to Planned Parenthood? (Is planned Parenthood doing good or harming babies should be a topic for a different day, but not today) As a Christian, I am more concerned with innocent babies being killed every day, then I am about a red cup.
As a Christian, I am more concerned about the thousands of people that go hungry every day, right here in the good old USA.
I am concerned about the billions of dollars being spent by our government. (Democrats and Republicans are equal in my book as far as that goes)
I am concerned about all of the violence that is happening all over the world. I am concerned about human trafficking and children being sold as sex slaves. I am concerned about 2 year old's that got on a shady boat in hopes for a better life and ended up loosing theirs.

I am concerned about the environment and what we are leaving the next generation.

I am concerned with what  is going to happen to my family when I am gone.


Why is there such an uproar about a cup? Why are we not trying to fix any number of other things? Why, as Christians, are we giving any attention to a cup when there are so many other things that need our help and our prayers.

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