Thursday, November 5, 2015

To my baby that won't stop crying,


 To my baby that won’t stop crying, 

Me and you are not so different these days. I am not satisfied with my situation and cry a lot too. 

I look to someone else to fix my problems. When God gives me a solution that He thinks will do the trick and make me satisfied; it doesn’t work. I cry more. 

When I lose my faith and don’t trust him, I get scared and cry. When I can’t see the plan, and think that I know what is best, I end up crying because it’s not right.

 It is only when I completely surrender my own ways, and just be held tight, that I am truly comforted. When I am held close, and can feel His arms holding me tight, that is when I am calm. That is when I am at peace and can slowly drift off to sleep, knowing that everything will be ok. 

So go ahead baby and cry; I will cry with you. I will hold you tight knowing that I am also being held tight. Everything will be ok. Trust me; and I will trust Him.

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