Sunday, October 18, 2015

Women of Faith- 2015

You are seen. You are heard. You are loved.
That was the theme for this year. This was my 4th year going. If you want to read about my amazing experience from last year you can by clicking HERE.
Every year I take away something different, something I needed to hear. I cry every year. The one thing that made me cry this year was a 10 year old singing "Jesus loves me this I know" I know this song and you do too! But I let the words sink into my soul. 
Jesus loves me this I know.
 For the Bible tells me so.
 Little ones to Him belong.
 For they are weak, but He is strong.
 Yes Jesus loves me.
 Yes Jesus loves me.
 Yes Jesus loves me.
 Yes Jesus loves me, for the Bible tells me so!

WOW! Yep, I needed to hear that. We are ALL little ones! We are ALL his children...and he is SOOO in love with us! No matter what we do; no matter how bad we think we have screwed up; no matter what our past is and no matter what we are going through right now. 

The one thing that got me thinking was a skit about the invisible woman. She does the laundry, makes the meals, buys the food, pays the bills, and gets the butter during meal time when it is just randomly stated that "We are out of butter". She never gets addressed. She never gets acknowledged. Her work goes on, unnoticed. Just like the great people that built the cathedrals in Europe. They had a book that gave a history about the cathedrals but in the "Builder" section all that was there was "unknown". No one took credit. What one person started another finished. People started something that they knew they would never see the end of. 
Why would someone do that?
Why would anyone ever start something, knowing that they wouldn't be able to finish it?
 These people did it, with no credit to themselves, because they knew that God saw what they were doing.
The invisible woman (aka: MOM) was a lot like these builders. Even if you never get a thank you or acknowledged for your work, God sees you. He knows what you are doing. He hears your thoughts. As a mom we don't want our kids to brag to their friends about how nice their shirts are folded or how much money you saved by clipping coupons. You want them to brag about how nice you are and how much they will love being in your home. All that "little" stuff is what makes your house a home, and they do notice. Then a prayer was said. I can't remember the exact words but it went something like this...
"God please let my work be a reflection of you and not myself. Let the people that live here, and enter here, know you through me. Let my work go on being invisible, because it is not about me. It is about you God. I know that you see me. I know that you have blessed me with so many things. Let me give praise to you by continuing to be invisible. Let me not be weighed down by the little things in my day because they all serve a higher purpose. They all serve you. Amen"

 WOW! Well I don't know about you but I feel invisible some days. This puts a whole new twist on things doesn't it? I CAN NOT get this out of my head. This is what I want. This is what I need to being saying when I get crabby with my hubby for not crushing the soda cans, that he drinks from. (I usually drink water or milk. It's not my mess so why should I clean it up or deal with it? That is my usual thought) This is what I need to remember as the kids get older and don't want to talk to me and throw a fit when asked to clean the bathroom. I will clean the bathroom and it may go unnoticed by the people living with me. But God will see. 

The other thing that I took away from this weekend was that everyone has a story to tell. They very thing that you think makes you unworthy of his love is the thing that will help bring others to Him...If you tell your story to them. I think we have an amazing story and I can't wait for the right season in my life to be able to sit down, write a book, and tell you all about it. You get little pieces of it when you subscribe to this blog, but I will never reveal the whole story! That is yet to come. :)

I would love to hear your story. Please tell it to someone, if not me. We can only learn if we share with each other, and are not ashamed of who we are.

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  1. Honey, what you do day in and day out is incredible. So much on your plate. I'm just glad you got to go and renewed and refreshed!