Thursday, October 8, 2015

School... for my 3 year old

I am not ready! He is only 3! What if......
These were my thoughts at the end of August. My little man was growing up and I was NOT ready! Something just didn't sit right with me having to send my 3 year old to school and knowing when parent teacher conferences were.
But it is going well. I missed his first day of school because I was a  bit busy... having a baby. But I was home to see him off on his second day of school and have even gone with him a few times.
He is so happy for a new adventure!

All set to go
 He was so excited to go. I cried a little. His brother was NOT happy. He wanted to go with his big brother...
Little brother, as the bus was leaving with big brother
Noel is doing well. The therapists have been working him really hard and have come up with new ways to motivate him. I think the best part is his interaction with the other kids. They sing a "Hello/Welcome" song when he gets there, and the other kids have to ask permission if they want to play with a toy he is playing with. If he smiles at them then they can play too. 
No time to smile. He is too busy.
I can't wait to see were this takes him and how far he will go! I also have gotten over the fact that my 3 year old is in school.
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