Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Indroducing... The Felix Five

Some of you have been waiting for this post. Some of you may be wondering why I have been MIA for a few weeks. Well I am FINALLY feeling better and wanted to let you all know... WE HAD ANOTHER BABY!
 Sophia came 5 weeks early! She weighed just over 4 pounds but has a great set of lungs and is doing well. She stayed out of the NICU and got to come home with me a few days after making her entrance into the world. She has been gaining weight and her 2 older brothers love her. She completes our family very well.

So without further a due....

Sophia Felix Born 9-1-15
I had a lot of swelling one day. The next day I had intense pain for several hours. I finally called the doctors and they said I needed to come in. It sounded like I had a case of pre-eclampsia, and I needed to be monitored. When I got to the hospital, my blood pressure (top number) was 180! 
Her hand on my thumb


They put me on monitors, and around 2am they decided that it was best to just deliver her. At around 3am, we got to hear her first cries echo through the surgery room. Because the 2 boys were both c sections, I knew she would be too...I just thought it was going to be a bit later.
Noelie is not so sure about this

Sam wants to carry her around
 Both of the boys have adjusted very well, and quickly, to this new life. I have been pleasantly surprised with how well the transition has went for them.

Still not really sure what is going on

Introducing the Fabulous Felix Five
She is a welcomed member of our family. She is doing great! We can't wait to watch her grow and interact with her brothers. She is loved.

Sam and Sophia

Noelie and Sophia


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