Friday, August 7, 2015

G Tube Care

Does your child get fed with a g-tube? 
Have you been struggling with it?
Does it look red?
Is it always irritated?
What have you tried to do to make it better?
How many doctors have looked at it?
How many creams have you tried?
Anything natural?
Has anything really helped?
Our son has had a g-tube for about 2 1/2 years now and it has been a constant struggle. It has always looked red. It has always leaked. He has had multiple people look at it including, a GI doc, a wound care nurse, and a dermatologist. We have tried EVERY kind of cream, barrier, gauze pad, and even a few non-traditional things like crushed tums. Nothing has seemed to help. At one point someone said we might have to take this one out and relocate it to a different spot! That's when we really pushed oral feeding in hopes of just getting rid of it. Well that did go over well either. He is just not ready to handle all of his calorie intake, that he needs to grow, by mouth. Then add water, medication, and anything else in the "what if he gets sick" situations. Nope it is just not in the cards for him right now. So we are back to square one.
We have gotten the go ahead to try anything that we think will work. And we changed out the button for a more traditional style tube with the thought that he may be allergic to the plastic of the button.
This is what the site commonly would look like...
g-tube site
What we were always dealing with
So I posted a picture like this one on social media and got a lot of feed back. Most of it we had already tried and had no luck with. That's when Alicia Koehler got in touch with me. She said that she makes cloth belly pads that go under the tube. Then she got my address and sent me some to try. She sent 2 different styles, ones with just a slit in the middle, and others with a plastic snap on them. 
We are currently using skin prep barrier wipes, stoma powder, the traditional tube (not a button), and the pads that Alicia sent us. 
Here are the results...
g-tube care
Amazing results!
 We are still not out of the woods yet, but it looks WAY better! The shininess is gone. It is no longer flaming red. It does not leak as much. And he seems to be less bothered by it. We are now dealing with just a bit of granulation tissue because the new tube moves a lot more then a button, and there is no extension that we can remove so we are always having to tuck the end of the tube somewhere. A small price to pay for these results!
This is one of the pads, with a snap, under the tube...
g-tube care
Love the snap!
These are the pads we got to try out...
g-tube care
Lots of different fabric to choose from...completely customizable! 
I absolutely LOVE these pads! For ease, we like the ones with the snaps, but they both work well.
If you would like to get your hands on some you can head over to Alicia Koehler's shop at

Just click on the link above and it will take you right to her store where you can customize yours today!
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