Sunday, July 26, 2015

Turning 3 years old!

This little man turned 3 years old!
This is nothing short of a MIRACLE!
6 days old...after shunt placement
He started off so small. Just over 4 pounds, and most of that was in his head. He fit from the crook of my arm, to the palm of my hand. He was 5 weeks early. He couldn't eat from a bottle. He just couldn't coordinate everything it takes to do that. He was a very sick boy and we couldn't hold him until he was 5 days old. We spent 54 days in the NICU. During his stay he got baptized, a shunt placed, tubes put in and taken out from everywhere, countless shunt adjustments, his first bath, lots of time getting suctioned after throwing up, and cuddles from mom and dad when ever we could. I am actually thankful for our time in the NICU. Being first time parents, they taught us what every parent needs to know, and a few extras. If you want to read the whole story click HERE.
His 1st birthday

  By his 1st birthday he was doing better, but still had a lot of health issues. He was in and out of the hospital for many different reasons... a fundopliction, g-tube placement, and aspirated pneumonia are just to name a few. He was fed only through his g-tube. He was on oxygen 24/7. He had a lot of equipment that was attached to him all the time. And he was going to be a big brother.

Birthday #2
The picture above was on his second birthday! We were so excited that he made it to that day because so many people said he wouldn't. By his second birthday he had a wheel chair. He was only attached to oxygen at night. He was making great strides in therapy. He still was getting most of his nutrition from a tube. He was a very tolerable big brother. And he smiled all the time.

Birthday #3
Today, He is 3! He still has his wheelchair. He is on a bi-pap machine at night. He still gets most of his nutrition through a tube. He is going to start school in a few months! He loves his younger brother. He makes friends every where he goes because of his smile. He has nursing care...Finally! And he is going to be a big brother again.

Just in case you didn't see enough pictures... ;)

Swimming is hard work

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Noelie is 3 and mom is 30 weeks pregnant

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  1. What a great day. I need the pic you got with the 3.

  2. Happy Birthday, Noelie! And Tracy, you look fantastic!!

  3. Happy birthday Noelie! You are my inspiration that if you can do it so can we. You look wonderful for 30 weeks! Keep proving those doctors wrong Noelie, you are a strong little boy who clearly enjoys a wonderful quality of life! Happy birthday and MANY MANY MORE!!!

    1. Thanks Alison! I am sure that he will keep proving them wrong. :)