Sunday, July 5, 2015

A few "firsts" while I was away

As any parent does, we like to celebrate "first" time things. This is what we celebrated while I was away from blogging....
Touching his nose!
 Our son has never had the muscle tone, or the interest, to touch his face. For a few months he was grabbing at his ear. A few days leading up to this he had his hand on his cheek. He was even rubbing his eye! But on this day he actually touched, and held on to, his nose! It was an amazing sight to see. He also now enjoys it when we take his hand and "honk" our nose with it. Now we just have to get him to do it with his other hand, but we are loving this right now!

We also got to test this sweet baby out...
Standing in a walker is fun and exhausting
The lady in the picture is his Physical therapist that has been coming out to our house for almost 3 years now. The walker is called the Drive Trekker Gait trainer, and it is new to the market. The company has loaned out a few for therapists and families to try.

We only got to try it for a few weeks, and he never actually took any steps on his own while standing in it, but this gives us hope!
The day we got his wheelchair, I cried tears of sadness. I knew it was what he needed, and we couldn't carry him everywhere forever. But that day I felt like the world had given up hope for our boy. This was it. He was never going to walk, and everyone knew it. I didn't want to give up. I don't think anyone ever wants to have that feeling. But there it was, in plain sight, for everyone to see. When out in public everyone would know, from a distance, that something was wrong with our child. They would see the chair and not the cute little boy sitting in it. So yea, I cried. 

I also cried on the day we got the walker. But these were tears of joy! This meant that someone actually believed that he could walk! He has grown. His core body muscles are stronger. His head control is great. And he can even sit for about 5 minutes on his own, without support! So he is ready! He is ready for the next step...literally. This is a great gift. I am not sure if he will ever be able to walk on his own, but this is were it starts. Our little boy is getting so big...and making great strides. :)

I would love to hear stories about your child and their "firsts" so leave a comment or shoot me an email!

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