Monday, June 22, 2015

We are having a baby girl!

We are having a baby girl!
Baby girl

SO what does that mean for us, with this whole genetic thing? 

X-linked Hydrocephalus only affects the boys. Meaning, boys are the only ones that get hydrocephalus and all of the other medical complications that go along with this disorder. Girls may be carriers of the gene mutation, but are not affected. If a girl is a carrier, then when she starts having babies, she may end up having a boy with this disorder. If you want more details then click HERE

With that being said, this baby girl is completely normal and doing well. She may be a carrier but we won’t know for sure until she gets tested. As of right now, we are not getting her tested until she is ready… many years from now. 

This pregnancy is definitely different then the first 2. I am crying more. My skin is greasy. I don't have as much heartburn and I can breathe! We are excited to meet her and can't wait to watch her grow.
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