Saturday, June 20, 2015

MIA for a few months

SO you may have noticed that I have not posted anything for a few months now. Bear with me while I explain why...
1) I was very excited to be changing things up a bit and making things easier for you, the reader to navigate, get free stuff to print, and share any content with other people. This, however, required a bunch of technical stuff behind the scenes, that I thought I could do on my own. Turns out, I suck at coding and HTML talk! I got frustrated and quit trying. Then life got messy, as it ALWAYS does, and I didn't want to take the time to fix it and felt stupid if I asked anyone for help. (Angie Benjamin over at blogs-luv fixed things now, after I finally asked for help. She was VERY easy to work with and did things in a very timely manner. I would HIGHLY recommend her if you have any questions about computer language stuff) 
2) We went on vacation. This may not seem like a big deal but it was a convenient excuse at the time. And I was still licking my wounds (and pride) over the whole coding thing. By the way, we had a great time! it was the first time in a VERY long time, that the hubby and I got to go anywhere...and without the kids. We got to see new things and visit family. It was sooo nice.

3) We found out that we are pregnant again! Any time we find out this kind of information it is exciting and nerve racking all at once. Because I am a carrier of the rare x-linked hydrocephalus gene, we are in constant fear of "Is it a boy, and will he be affected?" After we found out, I got really worried, maybe even depressed. I was in a bad place in my head for a while and didn't fell like writing anything. We waited a few weeks before telling anyone and finally broke the news to family and friends when we found out that we are having a GIRL! She is due to arrive at the end of September. So far everything looks good and she is already very active. I am doing much better, in my head, about the whole pregnancy.
Well the pretty much sums up the "why" of why I was gone for so long. I just needed some time to get to a better place. A place where I am more willing to share details of my life with the rest of the internet. Thank you for sticking with me and I can't wait to share everything that has been going on in more detail!

AAANNNDDD, thanks to my new 'behind the scenes" helper, If you subscribe to the blog you will get FREE pages to print off and color. I hope to be changing this up every once in a while and provide different things for you to print. To subscribe just go to the top of the page and click on the "Contact" tab, or click HERE. On the right side there is a place for you to enter you email. Put that in and follow the instructions. That's it! You should get a link to follow for the coloring pages, and then every time I make a new post, it should come right to your inbox! I would love to hear your input, so you can send me a private message on that same page.

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