Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!


Our Family photo from 2014
Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads out there, to all of the people missing their dad, to all of the men that have stepped up to raise children that were not theirs by blood, and to all the Mom's who pull double duty and try to fill both rolls! I hope you find time to relax and take in the meaning of this day and the roll you have.

A Dad is not someone that just helps conceive a child. A Dad is someone who is there for a child, no. matter. what!

A Dad shows a child how to live in good times and in bad times.

A Dad shows boys how to become men, how to treat women, and how to be a leader.

A Dad leads by example, not by words alone.

So many men today have abandoned their roll as Dad. They have become wussy and scared. They don't step up to the plate when a women tells them they are going to be a Dad, and it is having a devastating affect on our society. Boys are stuck being boys. They have no roll models that teach them how to be men. The boys don't know how to take responsibility for their actions. They don't know what to do when life hands them lemons. They don't know how to control their emotions (like anger) and do stupid things that have a lasting, and life changing, affect on themselves and the people around them. No one is teaching them how to be leaders. This is one of the reasons why there is so many problems in the world today. Why there is so much violence; And so much hate; And so many women getting abused. We are loosing our leaders.

So for all of you that are actually filling your roll as Dad, I applaud you. We honor you today. (It really should be every day) YOU are filling a huge roll. YOU are teaching a child everyday, what it means to be a man. YOU are molding today's children into leaders of the future. YOU are showing the girl's how they should be treated, not how society thinks they should be treated. YOU have a heavy burden on your shoulders and it is not an easy load to carry. You may stumble and not always get it right, but YOU can fix it. I know that YOU are doing the best that you can... and the kids see it too.

Have a very Happy Father's Day!
We love all that you do

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