Friday, January 2, 2015

Top 12 free Adroid apps for Special Needs Kids

Here is our top 12 apps that we use every day for our son with special needs.

1. WALK BAND- Has your choice of a piano, drums, or guitar that you can play. It also has a record feature so you can listen to your music.

2. ONE MAN BAND- Has all the instruments on one screen. Really helps with finger movement because you have to touch and hold the instruments in order for them to play.

3. ANIMAL BAND- In this app you can pick a song. Then you have to touch the screen to wake up the animals in the band and get them to play along.

4. HYPER-DOODLE- This is really fun and also encourages finger movement.

5. MAGIC ART- With your finger, you press on the screen and make a doodle. Then you pinch you pointer finger and thumb together, put both on the screen, and open the fingers. The light show is like exploding fireworks!

6. OLD MACDONALD- Choose a nursery rhyme you want to hear. It sings the song, has the words on the bottom to follow along with, and you can touch the characters on the screen to make them move.

7. SPARKLE TOY CLASSIC-  This is a great "cause and effect" app that can be used with a fist or a finger.

8. MY BABY PIANO- Learn the music scale and the alphabet all at once. 

9. WHERE'S PUPPY'S NOSE- FOR BABY- Filled with lots of fun music, you can touch anywhere on the screen and the characters will say and point out different body parts.

10. CUT THE ROPE- If you want to learn about timing, while working on finger movement, this app is great. It will also help with hand/ eye coordination.

11. KIDS CONNECT THE DOTS- This one is great for getting them to use their pointer finger and is just like the connect the dots you remember as a kid, just better.

12. ANIMALS- This is a great way to introduce you child to animals and the sounds they make. This has 2 levels of fun for growing kids.

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