Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year in Review


Last year I got an idea to put all the things that made us laugh, made us excited, were important, or that we were thankful for, in a jar. I couldn’t find a jar big enough so I used a vase. On January 1, 2015 we emptied that vase and went through all of the little pieces of paper. So much had happened that we had forgotten about. This is just a few of our highlights.

My brother got married and expanded our family with a great gal that I am excited to call “sister”. Noelie ate 19 bites of baby food. My Hubby’s paternal Grandpa passed away. My sister-in-law came home for the funeral. Our youngest smiled for the first time.

Our youngest was baptized while surrounded by many friends and family and rolled over on his own. We found out that Noelie had 2 vertebrae in his neck that were fused together. Through stretching and exercise, Noelie has also successfully avoided hip surgery and sat up on his own for 5 minutes! 

We paid off my student loan debt. Noelie ate the most he had ever eaten at one time by mouth. Our youngest popped his first teeth through.

Noelie had his first seizure and life forced us to pause. It was our first (and hopefully our last) time needing to call 911 and ride in an ambulance. It lasted over an hour and took 2 different medications to stop it. We spent the next few nights in the hospital and learned all about Tonic-Clonic seizures.

A rescan of my Thyroid showed that I am still cancer free!

I FINALLY found other families that had boys like ours! I didn’t sleep well that night from all of the excitement. The wonders of the internet never cease to amaze me. Noelie held a pen and drew his first picture.

We celebrated 11 years of marriage. We made a decision to try and get rid of Noelie’s G-tube. Noelie turned 2 years old and had a great party! Our youngest went from sitting to standing, on his own. 

I became a published author with my first online magazine article. Our youngest got his first goose egg bump on his head by falling in his crib. We went to an annual pool party with some of the NICU nurses that we still keep in touch with and now call friends. We finally got Private Duty Nurses to come into our home and help with Noelie. The hubby and I had our first date night in a LONG time, once the nurses came. Both of the kids went on their first county fair rides but seemed to enjoy bumping around on the gravel more.  

Noelie rubbed his eyes, for the first time, when he was tired. Noelie passed another swallow study and we got clearance to try giving him more food by mouth. 

Noelie colored for the first time. The youngest used a big kid cup for the first time and started to walk. Noelie ended up in the hospital for 2 days with a cold and ear infection. I went to a Women of Faith convention and got a much needed renewal of spirit with “Sisters in Christ”.  

Noelie started using his hands and fingers more. He figured out how to pick up blocks and toys, and then laughed when he banged them on the table. He also scratched his ear and rubbed his eyes more. 

The boys started to interact more and the youngest is trying to help Noelie more and more. We got off of a 2 year waiting list for state funding that will help us get things we may need in the coming years. A few complete strangers had heard our story and helped us out. Some friends came to visit and told us that they were finally pregnant after years of infertility. 

Well, I hope you have enjoyed our “Year in Review”. I can’t wait to see what our jar will be filled with this year! I wish you have a year filled with peace, prosperity, and hope. Thank you for following along and sharing your stories with me. Let’s make this year great as we walk hand in hand through this crazy life!


  1. This is wonderful. I love the concept of putting the notes in a jar. I think I would like to try that. It's amazing what can happen when you have faith. ❤️

  2. I think I need to do this, too. I say it every year since I started seeing the idea on Pinterest. I'm in.

    I'm glad you found such memories in your jar. Your year seems to have been a beautiful one - though I am sorry for the loss of your husband's grandfather.

    1. Thank you! I would love for you to touch base next year and tell me how it went!

  3. This is such a great thing to do. It's nice to reflect on what made the year memorable. :) I should do this.

    1. I think everyone should do this! It was my first year and i am so glad we did it.

  4. Great look back...its almost like an online photo album...Such a great idea :-)

  5. I have something similar to this in my kitchen. It is an owl shaped memory jar. My family put it together for me and has memories from some of my earliest childhood friends! It was great.

  6. The trick is not not put too much pressure on yourself. We tried doing one everyday and it got to be too much. It ended up being just a few things a week or month. It was so nice to take that journey back.

  7. You were nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award, as you most certainly deserve it Mama!