Thursday, December 4, 2014

There was a boy...

Let me tell you about a boy...

This boys parents waited a long time to see him. They couldn't wait. But there were problems. The boy was sick, and his parents knew it. They prepared their hearts and home as best as they could before his arrival. They prayed to God, and asked others to pray, for a miracle.

The boy came earlier then expected, but his parents were as ready as they could be. They couldn't wait to see him! They cried tears of joy at the sight of their little boy. The boy needed lots of care and got whisked away. After he was cared for, his parents could see him again. Even though he was sick, he was perfect. They had gotten their miracle!

They had a long road ahead of them that was filled with many more tears. Tears of joy and tears of sadness. The sick little boy got stronger though. His parents finally got to hold him. In time they got to take him home with them. What a miracle!

The boy had made many friends while he was sick. Every month he had to go back to visit them. His friends all were glad to see him but didn't want him to be sick anymore. He got great care and the boy continued to get stronger!

The boys parents were so happy! They were so thankful for everyone that had helped them and prayed for their boy. There were even strangers that helped them in their time of need. These strangers donated their hard earned money to provide meals, and gas to see their son. Their money even helped the family pay household bills that had accumulated while the boys parents were not working in order to be with their son. These strangers helped the boy get a safe car seat, a wheel chair, and a special room that all of his friends set up and take care of. This room is AMAZING and is filled with lights and sounds that relax the boy. The money from these strangers also help some of the boys friends provide toys to other kids and comfort kids that are scared. The boys parents are so thankful to these strangers and the help that they provide. They have gotten their miracle!

The boys parents pray that other families can get a miracle too. The boy is getting stronger every day and learning new things all the time. He is becoming an amazing little man and the parents believe that it is all because of the strangers that gave their hard earned money. Other families can get their miracle, but not without the help of strangers. Not without your help. Please help other families by going to Check out all of the items up for bid, register and tell everyone you know. Lets help the great kids that are stuck in the hospital this year. Lets give families the miracle they are looking for!


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