Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rudolph the Red Nose Reinder is like my son

As I watch the old story of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer I can’t help put compare Rudolph, Hermey and the island of misfits to my child and all of the other kids out there that are different from the rest of the world. 

Rudolph’s parents tried to hide his differences from the rest of the group. They hid him away and covered it up. They did this for a whole year, until he was old enough to express himself. He objected the cover up and didn’t want to hide his difference any more. He ended up getting laughed at and rejected by the group. He felt so bad about not fitting in that he ran away!

This is the same sad story for Hermey the elf. Elves are supposed to love making toys and he just wanted to be a dentist. When he finally told the others, they laughed at him and rejected him. He felt so bad about not fitting in that he also ran away!

Then there is the island of misfits. Toys that have the wrong name, polka dots, or square tires. This great guy travels all over the world collecting all these toys that are not loved and brings them to the island until someone wants them. This sounds a lot like a foster parent or someone that adopts a child. Those kids (toys) are special too. They need a home too.

Rudolph, Hermey, and the misfit toys were different. The group they were supposed to feel safe in had rejected them. Their own kind had laughed at them, and were mean. The group made them feel so bad about themselves that they felt they had no other choice but to run away. While they were running they grew up and realized that their differences were what made them who they were. They learned to like who they were and decided to return home. When they got back they were still laughed at but they didn’t care this time.

What we need is for more people to be like Santa. Upon their return Santa saw their value and knew that there was a place for them at the North Pole. It wasn’t until Santa pointed out their value and worth, that the rest of the group realized it too. Santa knew that if a Reindeer had a red nose that lit up, he could see better in the storm. If an elf really wanted to be a dentist, instead of a toy maker, they needed one of those too. And all of the toys on the island; Santa scooped them up and knew that he could find a home where they would be loved too. 

More people need to be like Santa. We need to help people realize that their differences have value. We need to help them fit in and feel needed. We can’t keep going with the crowd. We can’t keep making people feel so bad about their selves that they want to run away. Will you be the one to stand up for someone and change the crowds mind? Will you be the one to see their value? Will you be the one to make a change?


  1. Hi Tracy. I agree! Viva La Difference! A friend sent me a link to your blog because I wrote about this very same thing today. Best wishes :) - Mardra

    1. That is great! I love connecting with others that think the same way!