Saturday, December 20, 2014

I am humbled...again

This journey that we have been put on has humbled me many times. I am constantly being reminded of things I don't know and just how new to this world that I really am. Today was no exception. But it is a good thing that I am a quick learner and I am excited to learn more! I am also very excited to pass the news on to YOU!

I learned about this FREE event that was going on in our town from a friend. It was only for handicapped kids and their immediate family. We called ahead to register and got to see "Penguins of Madagascar" It was a great movie and an even better time with the kids. Everything was FREE! The movie, the popcorn, the soda, and they even had gifts for the kids! We also got to meet other families in our area that had a member who was disabled. After the movie we got a chance to speak with the event coordinator. She was a wealth of knowledge and we could have stayed and talked to her all day. I got her email instead.

I would HIGHLY recommend you to check out Variety. They have locations all over the USA and if you live in Wisconsin you can follow the link right to them by clicking HERE. Or connect with them on Facebook by clicking HERE. They offer events, like the one we attended, through out the year. It is for ALL disabled children. They also offer assistance with adaptive equipment, modifying houses, communication devises, and a camp during the summer. Check them out today!

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  1. We went to the Variety movie event last year (we saw Free Birds), and we went again this year too. It's always fun!