Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I love my smart phone

I LOVE my smart phone!
Ok, ok I know what you are thinking, "She is one of those people. Always attached to their phone. She never looks at the people around her." Well this may be true, some of the time; it is not true all of the time. Let me tell you why I love it before you judge to much. 

It makes daylight savings time so much easier. I don't have to think about changing the clocks. I use my phone for my alarm and it changes over automatically, while I sleep.

It has a camera. I don't even use my regular camera any more. ALL of the pictures on this blog and anywhere else you may have seen a picture of mine, has been taken with a phone. They have come a long way, and I buy a phone based on how good of a camera it has.

It has become my cookbook, GPS/map, calculator, spell checker, search engine, calorie counter, and steps per day tracker. It even helps me keep track of my budget and is my flashlight when I have to pee in the middle of the night. It also has things for my special needs child on it that have helped motivate him to move his fingers and rotate his head to a direction he doesn't like.

While we don't spend a lot of time in the hospital anymore, it was my life saver and lifeline while we were. While in the NICU, all we had to look at were monitors that kept track of our child's heart rate and O2 stats. Most of the time those monitors were boring or not telling us anything good anyway. It also gave us an opportunity to update our friends and family about what was going on.     

Being a special needs mom, I have become very isolated. I don't go out in public as much because it is a lot of work and has lots of sick people. My child usually ends up in the hospital when he is sick and I just can't take that risk. My phone, and social media, gives me a chance to catch up with all of my friends. I love that and may even be addicted to that.

My phone has been with me through some very hard times in my life and has kept my sanity in tact on some days. So yes, I Love my phone, and I may be one of those people you see going into a panic attack when they don't know where it is; but I will not judge you if I see you on your smart phone.

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