Sunday, November 9, 2014

For all of you that are wondering

We all come to a point (or several points) where we don't know why we suffering. Life is hard and doesn't seem to be going our way. Some suffer from depression. Some cry our for help and don't get it. This week has been a mix of highs and lows for me. On the news we heard about Jillian Mccabe a mom that had an autistic son and a husband that was fighting cancer. She was at her wits end and went for walk that ended in tragedy. We also heard about a 3 year old that was beaten to death by his own family. The ones that were supposed to look after him and care for him, turned against him in the most brutal way. A bit closer to home, there is another family that has 2 boys with x linked hydrocephalus who put up a good fight this week. Sadly one of their boys lost his life this morning.

This is life! This is the hardships of this world. No matter how you feel about any of these stories the truth is that the Devil put these here, to make us throw our hands up and turn against God. If God were here and really loved us he wouldn't allow these things to happen. There wouldn't be any pain. Why do the people that get to have children treat them so badly, like in the 2 stories that made national news? How could a parent do that? These are all very good questions, of which, I don't have the answer to.

All I do know is that through our struggles the last 2 years we have become stronger people. We pray every day. We thank God everyday for SOMETHING good in our life, even if it is just to wake up and try again. God is here, just like the Devil is here. The Devil is the one that usually makes headlines. We must find God in other places. As you go about your day today, please pray for the families that have lost their children this week. Yes, I am asking you to look at Jillian and the parents of the 3 year old too. They all need our prayers. Prayers of peace. Prayers for help. Prayers for the mentally unstable. Prayers to find comfort. Hold your kids a bit tighter. Tell them that you love them. And try to find something to give thanks for today.

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