Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blessings in disquise

I have a friend who has 2 boys with the same rare genetic disorder that our son has. They are on my mind a lot these last few days. Earlier this week the one boy got air lifted to a children's hospital with shunt complications. The doctors were waiting for him to be stable enough to do surgery. Yesterday morning my friend said that he was doing better. Then last evening, he had a stroke, and the doctors are not giving him very good odds of pulling through. I thought of them when I heard this song, and am writing this post in honor of them.

I am asking all of you to pray for this 13 year old boy. I know that prayer can change a situation and they need everything you got right now. I just can't help but think that it could be us; it could be our son. I know that God will do his will for this young man, and that if it his time to go then he will be in a better place. So I am asking for healing. I am asking for strength for the family. I am asking for peace, for them, in this desperate time of need. Please hit your knees and give them all of the love you can right now.

Dear Lord, Please show Your mercy to this family. Watch over their boy. Keep him close to you. Give them strength to get through this. Let them find peace in You. Guide the doctors and nurses that are taking care of this boy. Let them be focused on what they need to do and guide them to do what is best for Your child. Let this family be wrapped in Your love and know that You will carry them through. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.

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