Saturday, September 13, 2014

You know you are a special needs parent when...

You know you are a special needs parent when...
  • You know how to make a kid mobile, in every situation, even though they may never walk
  • You have whole new line of clothing to work around cords and tubes
  • You have 101 ways to rig up a feeding tube so you don't have to hold it
  • You can fold a towel 20 different ways in order for your child to be supported in a chair or car seat
  • You become an expert on packing stuff
  • When you see a back pack, you don't think of school. You think of places to put straps to keep O2 tanks upright
  • All the play time with dolls as a child has prepared you to dress someone that can't do it on their own
  • You learn to live one day at a time, and in the moment
  • You learn to laugh in situations that would make any other person cringe
  • You could have a medical degree, if they were to base it on experience
  • You know all the ways to get to the hospital cafeteria and which menu items are good
  • You know that no matter how organized you have become, you can plan on being at least 1/2 an hour late
  • You may pay too much for things like eating utensils, but you find a way, because they need it
  • You have many people that you know in the medical field, because they have treated your child
  • Strangers coming into your house is something you have gotten used to
  • You have learned to relax about silly things like cleaning. It will eventually get done
  • You love deeper then you could have ever imagined
  • You always think about death and what will happen when you are not around
  • You worry more
  • But most of all, You know you are a special needs parent when you see the good in people and appreciate life as it comes.

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