Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thank you- A letter to strangers

Dear stranger that comes into my home,
        Thank you for coming into my home to help my child. Thank you for invading our privacy. Thank you for pushing my child to do things he didn't do before. Thank you for helping me get through my day.
        I didn't know that people like you even existed before I had a special needs child. Thank you for helping me navigate this crazy world. Thank you for listening to me. Some days, you are the only other adult that I see.
         Some days I don't like you. Some days I am mad that I need you. Some days I wish you would just go away and leave my family alone. I don't like always having to wear a new outfit, because I know that you would notice. I don't like having to clean my house more. I don't like paying attention to you. Some days I just want to stay in my pj's and watch movies with my kids...ALL DAY! I don't want to figure out a schedule. This is my home, not a job where other people work to provide for their families. This is weird and I don't like it.
          Thank you for giving me advice, toys, and equipment that my child needs. Thank you for working with all of his doctors to provide the best care he can get. Thank you for doing all the things that I just can't seem to make time for. Thank you for keeping track of things that I just can't remember.
          Thank you for making me more productive. If you were not here I would still be in my pj's...for 3 days in a row. Thank you for giving my child what he needs, while I go pick up toilet paper. I no longer have to chose between therapy or shopping. Thank you for staying up with my child at night so I don't have to. I really love getting 7-8 hours of solid sleep! I love not having to pay attention to the alarms. I know if it is something really serious, you will wake me up.
         Thank you for caring for my child like he is one of your own, but realizing that I am still mom. Thank you for realizing that this is a big change for us and we are just trying to hang on to our sense of family. I see you working with him and sometimes I don't feel like he is my child any more. I know he needs it but some how I still feel like I should be doing it. I hated having to fit that into my day, but it was our time together. My time to cheer him on and see him progress. Now that is your job. I am glad you are doing your job, and doing it well. I am happy to see him doing so well.
         You were a stranger coming into my home, but now you are a friend. Thank you for everything that you do.

A special needs mom

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