Sunday, September 28, 2014

Special needs parents are creative

         Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Who can resist a nice day to go for a walk and play at the local playground? We couldn't and decided to walk to the nearby school playground. 
        I was sadden by what I saw when I got there. Not one thing for a handicapped kid! At the school! I surely would have thought they had something, anything, a swing with a high back maybe? This is a topic/fight for another day. Our son is not old enough for school just yet, but he will be soon and he will be attending this school. I will be bringing this up when the time is right.
         Being a parent that will not let anything hold my kid back, I got creative. Why shouldn't he be able to enjoy a simple thing like a merry-go-round at the play ground? So I took the seat off of the frame (with him in it) and put him on the merry-go-round. I put the full harness on and sat at the edge of it and pushed it. We didn't stay on it long and I don't really know if he liked it or not, but at least he got to try it. 
          I have gotten used to adjusting things to fit my sons needs so this was just one more situation. How have you had to be creative? I would love to hear some examples of the issue and what you came up with to fix it!

Noelie in his kid cart
Just the seat, at the playground


  1. Hi Tracey-
    There was an adaptive swing but the straps kept repeatedly getting stolen after school hours. The straps were extremely expensive and it became very costly to keep replacing them so unfortunately we had to take it down and it was given to the family. We do have adaptive equipment for our special needs students that we take outside during recess time with trained staff. Also, the EC teacher and I are working together to hopefully get some permanent adaptive playground equipment this spring. However, it will have to be placed in the courtyard as it is very expensive (and we do not want to chance these opportunities for our students to be vandalized again) and also some pieces require training before use. I know that doesn't help you now but I did want you to know that the students with special needs at Spencer do have many opportunities. I hope this helps! Suzanne

    1. Who would steal the straps! That is crazy! It is good to know that they have somethings and are working to get more. Thank you for sharing.