Thursday, September 11, 2014

On this day...


Where were you on this day in 2001? 

I had just gotten done working 3rd shift in a factory and was trying to go to sleep when my roommate woke me up and said a plane hit a building in New York. I got up, looked at the tv, said something like "That's interesting." and went beck to bed. A few minutes later I got woke up again saying that another plane hit the other building. OOOHHH ok now I was up. 

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It didn't seem real. This is something that you only see in the movies. I can't say that I felt really affected by the whole day because I was not personally connected to anyone, but I do (did) realize how the rest of the country felt, and the significance of everything. I too was angry and sad for the people that lost their lives and risked everything to help others. I hold all of them in my heart and say a little prayer for them. I hope you do to, and if you have been affected by this day in history, I hope you have found peace.

Every year we have the same conversation... Where were you on this day?

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