Saturday, September 27, 2014

A wedding

        A wedding is a great thing! Last weekend my brother and sister-in-law come home to celebrate their marriage. It was a great time, but a lot of work. It was about 2 hours away and we got a hotel room for the night. Packing up our family to go anywhere takes a lot of planning, lists, and starts about 3-4 days before we actually leave. If you want to know what we all pack, you should check out a previous post called Packing for our weekend away
         Once we were there, we had some tacos and some wine. We danced. We visited with family and friends. We even took a nap in the camper they set up! (that was a really good idea because the youngest won't stop unless he is forced to and Noelie got to get out of his chair and stretch) Both of the boys gave me ideas for what to get them for Christmas...Glow Sticks! Both of them held on to them all night while they were sleeping.
         The part that melted my heart was seeing how the Bride and Groom included our son. When most people are scared to pick him up out of his chair, they were not. They flung him around in his chair and brought him up to their level for the photo booth. He loved every second of it. I am constantly having to remind people that he will not break and is still a 2 year old boy. They all love to move; disabled or not.
           I am so happy for the 2 of them and glad to call them family. I only wished they lived closer.

What does it take for you to leave for a night away? Are you always having to remind people that your child won't break? or is that just me?

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  1. Those pictures are awesome! So glad you all had a great time celebrating!!