Sunday, August 10, 2014

Join Me...

Today in church, we learned about 3 people struggling with life. Elijah, who was going into a deep depression because the queen wanted to kill him; Paul sinking into great sorrow because his own people would not except Jesus; and finally Peter, who sinks into the sea because his fear is overwhelming and he takes his eyes off of God.

You can read about Elijah's struggle with depression at 1 Kings 19.

If you turn to Romans 9 you will read all about Paul and his struggle with bringing people to God.

Matthew 14 tells us about Peter and his overwhelming fear.

These stories hit home for me today, as our family struggles with questions of "Is God really here for us?" and "When is this struggle going to end?" It seems like we have been struggling for so long with no end in sight. We keep hitting brick walls. We keep climbing,  but I don't know if we can climb one more wall. We are so much like Elijah, Paul, and Peter.

We too struggle with depression, but fight it off every day by being grateful for what we do have, and realizing that just by living in America we have it pretty good. We have fresh water, a house, good soil to grow our own food, some of the best medical care, and we are not being threatened with rape, killing or being bombed.Those are all things to be grateful for, even though it does not take away our struggles. If I have learned anything in life it is that our struggles make us better people. How are you like Elijah?

Our small community church is losing families. Most of society has turned away from God and are only interested in material things that don't really matter. In that way we are like Paul. We just want to give up in the fight to bring people to God, and the love that He has for them. To turn our backs and say "Screw it! They don't want to listen." But we can't! We just can't give up on them. Once you know the true love of God, and just how pure it is, you can never go back to how you were. And that is a very good thing! Are fighting the good fight? How are you doing?

We are also like Peter. He, and the other disciples, are forced into a situation that seems to be turning out very bad. They are so scared. But Jesus comes to them and says "Peter do you trust me?" His reply is yes, until he realizes that he is doing the impossible. As soon as he gets too far away from his safety zone, and takes his eyes off of Jesus, he sinks. DO YOU TRUST ME? Do you know that whatever struggle you are going through is meant for something greater? Do you waver and take your eyes off of Jesus?

Like I said, this really hit home for me. It is sermons like this that keep me going to church every week. It was perfect timing, and it usually is. I pray that you can find comfort and strength to keep going.

Lord, please look after anyone that is reading this. Help them through what ever struggles they have. Open their eyes to see all that they have, and find the beauty in the struggle. Soften their hearts to help them see that it is for the greater good and that you hold the master plan for their life. We can't always see, and don't understand, what the plan may be, but help them trust in you. Show them the way so they do not sink. Amen.

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