Sunday, August 3, 2014

Feeling "in love"

As I am putting my kids to bed tonight I look at them and think my heart just might explode!

The oldest one has come so far and has overcome so many obstacles in his 2 years here. I can't help but think about how life was just a short time ago. It was soooo hard! In the mess of it all I really didn't know how we would make it through, but we have...he has. Step by step, a little bit at a time. Tonight I am so thankful for less cords and more sleep. Tonight I am looking forward to the future and the possibility of getting rid of even more cords and machines! Tonight I just sat back and watched as he stretched and blew kisses to me. I just couldn't help myself, I had to give him a big squeeze. It feels so good to hold him close. The weight of his body is a reflection of his weight in this world and the impact that he has had.

The little one is making strides faster then I can even describe. He is my crazy little man who is already into everything! If I had to guess what he is going to be as an adult, I would say a mechanic or an engineer. He loves to see how things work. Did I mention he is only 7.5 months old?

They make my heart swell so big. I am so lucky to be their mom and to spend every day with them!

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