Thursday, July 31, 2014

What is your calling?

What is your calling? Can it be put into a picture? Can you sum it up in just a few words? Do you even know what your calling is? Why are you here? It is a question we all ask at some point. Do you have an answer?
In the Catholic church we hear a lot about people being called into the priesthood but really everyone is called to do something.
Some are being called to be single. These people are some of the strongest people I know. To truly be happy with just you is something I struggle with. There is a reason that God wants you to be single. What is it?
Some people are called to be married. This too is an amazing thing. To be called to walk with someone else for the rest of your life and learn to get along with them, no matter what. Some days I also struggle with this. I don't always like my hubby. How are you dealing with this calling?
Some people are called to be parents, no matter what. I always knew I was supposed to be a mom. I didn't always think I would be pregnant, and after many years of being angry at every single pregnant woman I saw, I finally had come to terms (and was thankful) that I was never going to be pregnant. I was still going to be a mom though. I thought adoption was our calling, but God clearly had a different plan. Did you always "just know" that you were meant to be a parent? Have you dealt with infertility?
Some people have many callings. They truly love their job and they just know that they are there for a reason. I have seen this many times with all the doctors, nurses, social workers, and therapists that we deal with. They don't even have to say that they love their job, you can see it. (It is probably just the opposite. If they feel the need to say it to their patients, they probably don't really love their job) Do you love your job? Is it what you were called to do?
It took me a while to find my calling but I finally found it 2 years ago, when my son was born. I just know that he is why I was put here on this earth. He has made me a better person. I was also called to be a wife and a stay at home mom.
Just because you have found your calling doesn't mean it will always be easy, or fun. It does mean that you will flourish despite all the struggles. You will still be able to find joy and truly be happy, no matter what happens. Have you found your calling?
One day I was out side with my 2 boys, the dog was running around, the sun was shining, my hubby was at work and I looked up from what I was doing and saw the picture below. Right then and there I thanked God for finally showing my calling to me. Yep, this is why I was put here. This is exactly were I am supposed to be, and I am joyful; despite the struggles.


  1. Being a mom is one of the most important callings of all and by what I'm reading it appears you're going to be at your calling :)

    1. Thanks. I like to think I am doing a good job. :)

  2. Very nice Tracy! I've found my calling in being a wife, mom, and childcare teacher. H:)

    1. I figured some teachers could relate to this. :) You have the same caring, loving personalities like doctors and nurses!