Friday, July 18, 2014

The circus came to town

They were only here for a was within walking distance...and both kids were FREE!

All of those reasons were good enough for me. I don't ever want my special needs child to not be included. We have ALWAYS made it a goal to have him experience life just like any other kid. So we take him every where we go. The only excuses we have for not taking him some where are things's -20*F, it's 90*F with humidity, he is sick, or in the hospital... things most parents with "normal" children worry about.

The thing is that he doesn't always like the things we are doing. Today was one of those times. His younger brother loved watching all the people and getting attention from all the people we knew that came to watch the show too. Noelie could have cared less for any of it. Sure at the end, when we were taking to all the people we knew, then we got smiles and giggles. On the walk to the show and back home again, he was all smiles. This is the way it goes sometimes.

He proves to us, time and time again, that he definitely is his own person, with his own likes and dislikes. He likes doing things. He likes moving. He likes bumping around on gravel in his chair or stroller more then he likes watching some silly show. I can't wait till the county fair comes to town and we can take him on rides! 

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