Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stretching, kisses and counting

We are so proud of our little man! When he was younger he would cry any time we tried to lift his arms up by his head and would NEVER do it himself! He has been giving kisses for a while now and has perfected it. He even will do it when we ask him! The counting is a fairly new thing. I will ask him to count a lot during the day, sometimes he will, sometimes not. Either way these things are huge for him! Who says there is no brain activity? And that it may not get better?

This guy is proof positive that things do get better! There is hope. For any of you that have doubts about something that people are saying can't happen, look at these videos again.

Please don't give up hope. Don't always listen to the doctors. They are not always right. Keep plugging away at what you want. Find people that can help you. Keep trying. It may seem to take forever, but it will happen. If it doesn't work out one day that doesn't mean you can't try again the next day.

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