Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Looking back at almost 2 years

Perfect little fingers and toes
It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that our little man is almost 2 years old already! I really did not think we would have him with us for this long, but he is doing great and making progress every day! God is so good and definitely has a plan for all of this.
One of the scarier hospital stays
I was going through all the pictures that we have and love seeing how far he has come. The picture above is not easy for anyone to look at, but it is even harder for the parents. This was a common sight for us in the first few months of his life. We actually got used to seeing this! I am so thankful that this is not a common thing any more. No one should be used to this.
After surgery to twist his stomach and add the g-tube

We fought this. We didn't want our baby to have another surgery. This was so permanent. Our guts were telling us to not do it. We didn't want our baby to have his inside twisted or have to rely on a tube to eat. We were convinced that he would learn to drink a bottle, He just needed more time. After spending 2 weeks at home, getting absolutely no sleep, still having to deal with a tube down his nose, worrying all the time about him turning blue, and finally realizing that he got sick and this just wasn't working...we finally gave in and had the surgery. It was the best thing we ever did! 
So tiny
I just love this picture! I think we all forget just how tiny they are. Our little man was 4lb 5oz and 15 3/4in long when he was born. He is now a whopping 23 pounds! We love him more and more every day and couldn't be more prouder of him.

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