Thursday, June 26, 2014

Home made baby wipes and washing clothes


I have recently started making my own baby wipes. A friend did this for years with her kids and we also did this at the group home I worked at. 

My friend would by a roll of paper towel, have her hubby cut it in half with his table saw, then add to oil, soap, and water. Then she would pull out the middle of the roll so it would "pop up" out of the container. This is the fast, less time consuming way.

With having the farm, we got pre-cut paper towels for a really good deal, from the guy that delivers our other supplies to our place. This was cheaper for us but if I want them to fit into any container, I have to take some time to fold them. The soap and oil was the cheapest that I could find but you can use what ever kind you want. I saved containers from pre-bought wipes that we had gotten as gifts.

The recipe is:
  • 1 tbls baby oil
  • 1 tbls baby soap
  • 12 oz water
  • paper towel
  • container

Mix the oil, soap, and water. Pour the mixture over the paper towel and let sit for an hour to insure all the layers have soaked up the mix.

Easy as that! Bottom line is use what works for you. You may need to adjust the recipe to fit your needs. 

I also wanted to share with you how wash is done at our house. Normally I have both boys in our double stroller. I wheel them to the clothes line. I have the basket of washed clothes by the door. I run back to the house to get the clothes. Then carry the basket to the line. I put the boys in swings hanging from the line and proceed to hang the clothes on the line. When the clothes are dry I do basically the same procedure. It can be quite a task. This particular day, the hubby was home and the young one was napping. I grabbed the oldest child and headed out! This is how it worked out...
This is video of both boys swinging while I hang up clothes on a different day. For a mom who wants to save money by hanging their clothes outside, and has 2 little ones that are unable to walk or take care of themselves for a bit, those swings are a life saver!


  1. Pinned this to my shared parenting resource library! Thanks for the great tips!