Monday, June 30, 2014

Popping corn

I recently entertained a 5 year old for an afternoon. I am not used to doing this with an older child. I looked up a few science experiments. This one worked the best and fascinated me for awhile. It held the 5 year olds' attention for a few minutes.

The recipe:
  • Water
  • 2 tbls baking soda
  • 6 tbls vinegar
  • unpopped popcorn
  • food coloring, if desired

Add baking soda to the water and mix until it is dissolved. Add a handful of corn and food coloring. then add the vinegar. The chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar will form bubbles around the corn and cause the kernels to rise to the top!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Home made baby wipes and washing clothes


I have recently started making my own baby wipes. A friend did this for years with her kids and we also did this at the group home I worked at. 

My friend would by a roll of paper towel, have her hubby cut it in half with his table saw, then add to oil, soap, and water. Then she would pull out the middle of the roll so it would "pop up" out of the container. This is the fast, less time consuming way.

With having the farm, we got pre-cut paper towels for a really good deal, from the guy that delivers our other supplies to our place. This was cheaper for us but if I want them to fit into any container, I have to take some time to fold them. The soap and oil was the cheapest that I could find but you can use what ever kind you want. I saved containers from pre-bought wipes that we had gotten as gifts.

The recipe is:
  • 1 tbls baby oil
  • 1 tbls baby soap
  • 12 oz water
  • paper towel
  • container

Mix the oil, soap, and water. Pour the mixture over the paper towel and let sit for an hour to insure all the layers have soaked up the mix.

Easy as that! Bottom line is use what works for you. You may need to adjust the recipe to fit your needs. 

I also wanted to share with you how wash is done at our house. Normally I have both boys in our double stroller. I wheel them to the clothes line. I have the basket of washed clothes by the door. I run back to the house to get the clothes. Then carry the basket to the line. I put the boys in swings hanging from the line and proceed to hang the clothes on the line. When the clothes are dry I do basically the same procedure. It can be quite a task. This particular day, the hubby was home and the young one was napping. I grabbed the oldest child and headed out! This is how it worked out...
This is video of both boys swinging while I hang up clothes on a different day. For a mom who wants to save money by hanging their clothes outside, and has 2 little ones that are unable to walk or take care of themselves for a bit, those swings are a life saver!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Best day in a long time

Today started like any other day but ended with me having so many butterflies in my stomach, I can hardly breath. I think the last time I was this excited was the night before our wedding!

  • Our youngest child woke up around 5am to eat and play for about an hour. Then he went back to sleep.
  • Got up again around 7am to do the morning farm chores.
  • I laid the youngest down for a nap.
  • The older child "helped" me hang clothes on the line. It finally quit raining here!
A moms got to do what a moms got to do
  •  I got the mail. Just some junk and an appointment reminder. No bills!
  • Sent the Hubby off to work.
  • Set up our tent by the garden so the kids can hang out in the shade while I work.
Our view from the tent
  • Got a call from a friend who wanted to visit and give us baby stuff. What a blessing! Clothes and a REALLY nice double stroller!
  • Worked in the garden while the boys napped.
  • Got a notification from someone that saw my last blog post that I had shared with a group on Facebook. Turns out she had a son just like ours.
  • Got another notification from someone else in that same group. Turns out there is a whole other group just for people dealing with L1 syndrome!
  • I joined that group and instantly was connected with over 100 other people that have a son with the same issues!
  • Both boys were so tired they fell asleep by 8:30 and I get some "me" time.
It seems that for our God it is either all or nothing. For quite awhile now I have been feeling alone, guilty, and so unsure of the future as I mention in my last post after taking time off from blogging. Funny how all these connections happen the day after I decided to start writing again. I am so glad my search for finding others like our son, is over. It is now time to start the next chapter with strengthening these connections and raising awareness. If anyone has ever wondered why I share so much of our life online, this is why. I needed this day. This day would never have happened without this blog, Facebook, or the internet.

I truly believe that He was guiding me through my anger and bitterness to lead me to this really great day. I also think it was no coincidence that this last weekend I ran into a woman that does daycare in her home, a special needs child that she cares for, and that child's mom. We had a chance to talk and she made me feel so much better about the future and our oldest son. (I have been worried about what will happen when the Birth to 3 therapy program ends and he goes into the school program)

This truly has been the best day in a very long time. I have always known, but had not been so sure lately, that there is something really great that God is lining up for us. I pray that the storm that our family has been in for so long will start to clear out soon and we will have smooth sailing for awhile. Thank you to all the people that have thrown us a life raft, and helped guide us through. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Took some time off but...II AAAMMM BAAACK!


 Wow I looked when my last post was...over a month ago! I don't know if any of you have missed me but I went to a bad place in my head. Life has gotten hard for us and every time I spoke it was with anger. It went something to the tune of, "Life is not fair!", "Don't people understand?", "We didn't ask for this life!", "Don't people know that we are doing the best we can?", "Why don't more people want to help us?" So I choose to not say anything at all.

Well our situation still has not really changed but I have realized that life is not fair, most people don't REALLY understand our situation (because they are not in it), we didn't ask for this life (but I know it is forming me to be a better person), doing our best may not be good enough for some people but we have to keep moving forward anyway, people are busy, and that no matter what I know that God, and my husband are there for me. We are in this together and we will be ok. (and I have some of the cutest kids)

Not much has happened in our world anyway except a few things.The NICU that we spent almost 2 months in had a 45 year celebration that we went to. We had a few minutes of fame on a local news channel. (click the underlined/highlighted words to watch to video) The nurse they interviewed was our primary nurse. Then they interviewed us. What a great way to spend fathers day! (of course I didn't have time to put on any makeup and the wind was blowing pretty hard so my hair was a disaster but that's life, right?) It was so nice to see everyone outside of the hospital and to connect with other people that have gone through the same situation.

We also got to tell our story on CNN web site! They are in the process of researching people that are raising a special needs child. I hope that they decide to cove this story more in depth! Please feel free to read and share the article by clicking on the underlined/highlighted words above. I hope someone out there sees our story and says "hey, I know someone with that!" and gets in touch with me. I would like to find someone else that has this same disorder and talk about what they have gone through.

It feels good to be back. I hope to continue posting again, as I am in a better place. Thank you all for your support and for listening (reading)