Saturday, May 3, 2014

Join me...Week 2

Grab your cup and your bible. Get ready for my first edition of digging deeper. Today, in my cup, I have cinnamon swirl coffee with sugar.

Today I am reading Hebrews 11. This chapter talks about the faith people that followed Him had. The first sentence says "Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." "By faith we understand that the universe was ordered by the word of God, so that what is visible came into being through the invisible."

It goes on to talk about the faith of Noah having been warned of a great flood that was coming. He was asked to build an arch and was given instructions, but had no prior experience. How was he going to build something he knew nothing about? How was he going to gather all the animals of the planet? How did he know what they all ate? (Being a farmers wife, I know what cows eat but couldn't tell you the first thing about what a grasshopper eats...or were frogs go in the winter. How could Noah possibly know all that? Maybe I should go watch the movie for some incite. If you have seen the movie...did you like it? Did it make you think?)

Abraham was sent on a journey to inherit the promised land and make a great nation, even though he was very old and his wife was sterile. Where was he going? How did he even know which way to head? How was he going to make a great nation and have many descendants? Then he was put to the test and was supposed to kill his son! What?! Why? Then what was the point of it all?

Moses was hidden from the king who wanted to kill all the baby boys. (Having a 4 month old myself I find it amazing that his parents could even hide him at all. Mine cries a lot. At all hours of the day and night.) Then as he got older and could have enjoyed the lap of luxury, instead chose to be mistreated so he could be with his people.

Their faith conquered kingdoms. They did what was righteous. They closed the mouths of lions and put out raging fires. Out of weakness they were made powerful. And even though they were approved because of their faith, they did not receive what had been promised because God saw something better, something greater.

God was with them through their journeys. He told them to do something and, by their faith, they did it. Everything that God said would happen did happen. But they still died. Why? Because He had something greater in store for them. Sure they got to see the miracle happen, but God wanted to show them more. He wanted to show them heaven. 

God never came down and said to me "I am going to make you wait 8 years to have a child. I am going to harden your heart and make you hate every pregnant woman you see. I am going to make you see them everywhere you go until you are ok with what you have. Once you are ok with seeing them, and don't get mad, then I will make you a mother." He also didn't come to me and say "I am going to give you this job at a group home working with mentally disabled people so you are prepared for your first child's special  needs. So you will be able to accept him for who he is, even with his handicap." But this is what happened. At the time I was going through life, just doing what I do, never thinking that it would prepare me for my future. Once I got pregnant, I knew that it might not turn out well. But through my faith I trusted that it would be ok. And it is. It's not perfect. It's not easy. It is stressful. It came with a huge learning curve. But it is ok, and it is exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

Lord, please strengthen my faith in you. You know that I am not faithful 100% of everyday. I am only human and sometimes I question you and what you are doing. Even though I still have questions, give me enough faith to keep going. Help those that are also struggling with their faith. Help to to trust you and to follow you. Help them to know that you have something greater in store for them. Amen

Your turn...  What do you have in your cup? What do you think about this chapter? How have you been faithful? Do you still question Him even though he has shown you miracles?

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