Monday, May 5, 2014



1. the fact or power of enduring or bearing pain, hardships, etc.
2. the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; stamina: He has amazing physical endurance.
3. lasting quality; duration: His friendships have little endurance.
4. something endured, as a hardship; trial.
1485–95; endure + -ance

1. See patience
Now that we know the dictionary's meaning, let me tell you what it means to me...Motherhood.
Athletes have it. Doctors in surgery have it. Collage students have it. Anyone that plays an instrument has it too. But I had no idea that moms have it too (until I became one)
  • We have to endure waiting to have a baby (if those that are trying and are having a hard time getting pregnant)
  • We endure a loss so great that words can't even begin to explain (for those who have ever miscarried)
  • We endure all the worry when we find out we are going to become a mom 
  • We have to endure 9 months of pregnancy (or the wait if we are wanting to adopt)
  • We have to endure labor (or lots of paper cuts from all the paperwork that goes along with adoption)
  • We endure the heavy responsibility of trying to do the right thing for this little human that we are now in charge of  
  • We endure hours, weeks, months, and sometimes years, of very little sleep
  • When our babies are new, we endure the tears from our little ones (and our own)
  • If our little one is sick, or has special needs, we endure long hospital stays and trying to decipher what the doctors are telling us
  • For those of us with special needs kiddo's, we endure countless hours of doctor visits and therapy
  • For those that are adopting for another country we endure (sometimes) years of flights to strange lands and seeing hardship that we can't even imagine living through.
  • We all endure self doubt and others telling us what they think is right
  • We watch our little ones grow and watch them fall trying to make it on their own 
  • We endure the terrible twos and the teenage years
  • When they move on and leave the house, we endure hours of sleepless night worrying if they are ok
  • When they come to us and tell us the are expecting kids of their own we endure the worry for the baby all over again, as if it were our own.
I never realized the being a mom takes so much endurance. We bear pain and hardships to become a mom, and stay connected to our children as they grow. We have the ability and strength to continue on with life despite fatigue, stress, and other adverse conditions. It is a lasting quality through hardships and trials. 
As Mothers Day is fast approaching I dedicate this to all the moms out there. You are great! You can endure! You can press on! Congratulations, you made it this far! I hope you have a GREAT Mothers day!

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  1. We endure. Yes, we do. But the joy children bring is all worth it.