Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Urgent Message!!!

I have decided that I no longer live with a husband, 2 boys and a dog. After today I now know that I live with creatures that came from the planet Nahm nahm nahm.

They are trying to communicate to their leader by repeating the name of their planet over and over. They must be getting a signal some how. And when they do, they change what they are saying to other words like da da da. (This is how I know the hubby is in on it. That's what they call him) They do weird things like stick their tongues out, spit and drool everywhere. I have yet to know what that means.

From the day they arrived, they have had complete control over me. I was not aware of this (cause they are so darn cute) until tonight when it finally hit me that I can no longer eat a warm meal, sleep through the night, or hear myself think because they are so loud. Apparently they need to yell in order for their home planet to hear them.

The dog is in on it too. I hear him bark and see nothing. They must be able to become invisible to humans. He also likes to go swimming in freezing cold ditch water, and eat cow poop. I give him the earthly option of dog food, but if he can choose...well, I think you can guess which one he picks.

I am urging you to evaluate "your family" and please report any weirdness to me, by commenting on this post or email. We need to start a database of any suspicious activity for the report that I will be sending out to the Ghost Busters and Men In Black so they know what to look for when they are on stake out and when they apprehend theses creatures. Thank you for your corporation in is matter.
Sincerely, your human friend,

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