Monday, April 21, 2014

What I have been up to during Lent

On March 4th I officially signed off of Facebook! I won't was hard, but I spent most of my time learning about blogging, and with my family.

Here are some highlights:
  • We took 2 Steps forward, 1 Step back when we found out that some old x-rays showed that Noelie might need hip surgery.
  • The hubby and I got to go on a date night and sent the kids to the Grandparents for the night.
  • We got the results of the CT scan and they were better then expected
  • Samuel turned 3 months old
  • I had submitted our story to the Global Genes website and they published our story
  • We enjoyed the first day of spring by going swimming with friends
  • Noelie turned 20 months old
  • Noelie got another haircut
  • Noelie had a doctor appointment and got thumb braces
  • We got Nolie a stander on loan till we can get a nicer, newer one for ourselves. This should help ward off surgery for awhile.
  • I did a series of posts that I call the Reflection series to (hopefully) encourage all parents raising special needs kids.
  • I made a You Tube channel and an Instagram page (follow me there too)
  • Samuel turned 4 months old
  • I also made a new Facebook page where I will be updating and sharing posts from this blog among other things. (like that page to get all the latest news)
  • and the latest development that I am really excited about, we got wooden blocks and we love them! 
Well that's it. Click on the blue underlined words to go to those posts and find out the whole story. It has been long and a lot has happened.

What have you been up to? I have missed all of my Facebook friends and hope your Lenten season went well. I can't wait to hear from you!

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