Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This blanket

Noelie loves this blanket! He loves to stick his fingers in the holes.

This blanket was made by a friend. She prayed for us the whole time she was working on it.

She sent it to us just before he was born. Even though he was 5 weeks early, something inside her just felt we would need it earlier than expected. 

We used it to keep his eyes shielded from the lights of the NICU. (They put blankets over all the incubators) We used it to keep him warm when they moved him to an open air bed.

It has gone with to every hospital stay. It jas been with during every sleep study.

He loves this blanket. It wraps him in warmth and prayers every night now that we are home more. We are so greatful to our friend that made it. We say a prayer for her every night when we go to bed.

I wish everyone had a blanket like this.

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