Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Reflection series- You are talented

Thank God for your many talents! We all try to do what is best for our children but for parents of special needs kids it seems we try extra hard sometimes. We think about things that most parents don't ever have to and we are pretty dang good at it. Case in point, when we brought Noelie home (and many months after) he was attached to tubes. A feeding tube and O2 tubing. You know those great play and sleep onesies or the sleep sacks that have zippers? With all the tubes hooked up 24/7 he couldn't wear any of those. Why? Because the zipper started at the bottom and ended by the neck. All the tubes would be coming out by his head! I thought about it and recruited my aunt who knows how to sew to have her move the zipper up about an inch. This allowed the outfit to be completely opened and room for the tubes to come out the bottom by his feet! Pretty creative, right?

What are your talents? What solutions to your problems have you come up with that most parents don't have to think about?

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