Friday, April 4, 2014

Raising kids

Tonight I was watching a news program that talked about The choking game. It spoke of a mother of a 13 year old who got a call from the school on Valentines day this past February. They said they had already called 911 and she needed to get to the school right away. Long story short...he died and it was ruled a suicide. He choked himself in the bathroom.

This really threw me for a loop. As I hold my (almost) 4 month old and am rocking him to sleep I am fast forwarded several years from now. I fast forward to when he is 13 years old. I wonder what he will be like. I wonder if this will affect our family. Will I ever get a call like this? God willing I hope not, but it leads me to the a parent, can you prevent something like this? If you can, how? The mom said he was a "happy and good kid" She said he wasn't depressed, had friends, and even made a video the night before where he was goofing around with a sibling like usual.

Is this the answer? Surround your kids with people that love, motivate, and encourage them? With all the pressures of life, peers and trying to grow up too do parents do it? Your kid isn't cool if they don't have a cell phone in the 3rd grade, or like to listen to christian music, or if they stick up for another kid who is being bullying. We try so hard to raise them with good values just to find out they are getting picked on because of those values? Is this really the world we live in? How do we protect our children? How do we make them well rounded, independent, law abiding, upstanding members or society without scaring them? This is a daunting task that most parents don't seem to take very seriously. Or maybe I am just a bit overwhelmed with this thought. (never mind trying to keep up with all the projects we want to get to from pintrest. I can't even think about those right now)

I am looking for your thoughts. If you can answer any of these questions and help put my mind at ease I would be so grateful. Please tell me that it will all be ok...that it really is not that bad.


  1. Tracy - I think that this is the question that we all ask ourselves - what can we do to keep our children safe, to have them hold on to the values that we treasure, to help them transform from small, helpless children into well adjusted adults.

    What can we do? Our best - and keep on praying that God guides us and them!

    One way that we personally have chosen to continue to help continue the installation of those values and morals is by sending the kids to Catholic school - is it perfect and without flaw, nope - but we find that our children have all benefited greatly from the continuation of the values! For them, going to school, there is no shame in praying - they all pray daily, weekly Mass. There's no shame or discomfort in sticking up for their values, because the majority of there classmates have been instilled with THOSE SAME VALUES.

    Another way we protect our kids is by being as up-to-date on the dangers as we can. Be it choking (which we will be discussing with the older kids) sniffing, drugs, sex - whatever.....we have an open door and discuss this with the children openly - it allows them to have questions answered in a safe environment - the no question is stupid theory. :)

    1. Thanks! That does make me feel a bit better. As I ponder this topic more I realze the it is hard on the kids too. Do what is right or try to fit in. Hopefully doing what is right makes them cool in their friends eyes.