Sunday, April 27, 2014



We are home!!! After the events on Friday that forced us to take a pause from our life we are home! It feels good. And we are tired. Our other son was with Grandma & pa's house for the weekend and is now with friends for the night. I just don't think I could handle both boys tonight.

Noelie had a low grade temp all night last night and early this morning it spiked to 101. He doesn't seem to have an ear infection and his labs all came back good so the Doctors think he my have picked up a virus. There is nothing that they can do for it. So we are riding it out at home. I hope it doesn't cause any more problems.

As good as it feels to be home I am really scared of this new reality we are faced with. I spent most of the afternoon unpacking our stuff and picking up the house after I tore it apart trying to find things we needed on Friday. One of the first things I did was move the video camera I have to check on him at night into a position so I can see his whole body.

Questions just keep running through my head. What if I don't catch it? What if I am home alone with the boys? How am I going to keep from turning into a crying, blubbering mess? I need to make a plan, but that is for a different day. We have medication that he is on everyday and a different medication to give him just in case he starts to have another seizure. I will NEVER be leaving home without that one!

If anyone of you out there has any advice for me...please I could use it. I am seriously considering getting a dog that senses seizures, but those are VERY expensive and have certain requirements that I don't think we will meet right now. Please keep us in your thoughts as in the coming days we get used to our new reality.  

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