Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Thursday

On this day Jesus went to celebrate passover with his disciples. He lowered himself to the same level as the lowest servant by washing his disciples feet. Why? To show his love for them and to "lead by example". He knew that most of them would scatter in the coming day when the crowd would ask if they knew him. He knew that one of them had already set events into motion that would ultimately lead to his death. But he got down on his knees and washed their feet anyway.

Read John 13 to know the full story.

This is one of the last acts that Jesus ever did and it was to show us how to love each other. We should all be humbling ourselves and serving each other. WOW! What a world that would be if we all lived to serve others! Sounds all good and easy, right? Wrong. I know that I struggle with this everyday. I feel like all I do is care for my 3 boys (the 2 little ones and the 1 bigger one also known as "my husband") When do I get a break? When do I get to sleep in? When do I get to do what I want? I can be very selfish and pout like a little kid. I work on this everyday. I try to humble myself like Jesus and take joy in serving others, even if they don't appreciate it all the time. I try not to say "when is it my turn?"

Every year I am humbled by His love for me. My heart is growing heavy because I know what is going to happen to Jesus. I can not imagine what He must have been feeling.

How do you feel after reading John 13? Do you KNOW his love for you? How are you showing others your love for them?

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