Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Today my heart hurts. Today Jesus died on the cross. It has been quite a day. I spent most of the day getting my car fixed from a mishap earlier this week. But as I sit at home tonight I can't help but reflect on what happened so long ago.

I read John 19 and want to cry. This passage in the bible is not nearly as graphic as in the movie, The Passion of Christ, that came out a few years ago. One has to imagine what it would have been like, unless you have seen the movie. This part is so hard for me to watch. The whipping, the crown of thorns being placed on his head, the walk up the hill while carrying the heavy cross, the nails being driven into his hands and feet, being hoisted up on the cross, then hanging there all day. What a terrible way to go.

And to think that all of that was for me...and for you. To take away our sins. When this was done, we were not even born yet. But God knows us, and he knows that we are not perfect, and he wants us to know that he forgives us, if we want to be forgiven.

To want to be forgiven means that you want to be more like Jesus. To follow his example. To love one another. To forgive. To humble yourselves and serve others. To.....(what would you put here?)

I can't wait for Easter Sunday when my heart can rejoice because Jesus has risen. I look forward to that day. A day of celebration, and time spent with my family.

How have you remembered today? My children are too little to understand but if you have kids old enough, how did you explain the significance to them?

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