Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Doctors....Our Noelie has over 16 of them! That is really crazy to think of how many doctors he has. Now keep in mind that we don't see everyone of these docs every month. Some we only see once a year. But in the beginning it seemed like we did see all of them every month. Noelie has a lot of "friends". (I feel very lucky that they all communicate with each other very well. From the clinic, to the hospital, to the therapists that come out once a week, they all know each other and communicate behind the scenes, on our behalf to get everything we need.)

Today was a doctor appointment day. We had 3 things done in just over an hour! We seem to be getting these things down pat. He got some shots to ward of CRV. Because of his past lung problems he got those shots last year too.
We also got thumb braces. Part of the L1 syndrome diagnoses is tight thumbs. They stick close to the palm of his hand. We wondered if he would ever use them, but he does, a little. But we have to work at like everything else.
A close up of his hand
Checking out the new braces

  These will stretch out the tendons of his thumb.

We also had a rash that was on his cheeks looked at. I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to his new bi-pap mask but I was wrong. Turns out it was dry skin!

I am glad it went so well. The braces will take a bit to get used to but he takes them like a champ and will continue to get better.

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