Monday, March 10, 2014

What it takes for us to leave (for 1 night)

A DATE NIGHT!!!! Yep we finally got one. My parents got me gift certificates for dinner and a movie for my birthday back in January. We finally got to use them this past weekend! And they took both of the boys overnight. With Noelie having some equipment (not as much as he used to have) I need to send along some instructions. The first 2 pictures are for the food pump. How to change the settings and what rates the food has to be run at.

The picture above is all the stuff we needed to take with. That includes the O2 condenser, a play & sleep rocker, a bumbo seat, a bi-pap machine and the water to go in it, the food pump and travel bag, an IV poll, formula, frozen breast milk, 2 bags of clothes, and a floor play gym. We are hoping to get away for a whole weekend sometime this summer. I will post what that takes. I promise, it is way more! The movie was good and the food was ok. I love Chinese for the sweet and sour chicken, that they didn't have. Oh well. The company was great, and it felt good to sleep in. I hope we can do it again soon. If my parents want to watch them. :)

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